Lovely Las Vegas Roadtrip: Crave Cupcake in Houston, Texas

Images from Crave Cupcakes, Houston:

The cool storefront in Uptown Park area of Houston.

Rows and rows of tempting cupcakes.

Perfect frosting topped with the trademark Crave Cupcake medallion.

Strawberry frosting and cake in just the right proportions.

One big bite will just not do.

One must indulge to the last crumb!

Houston - we have a problem... Lovely Las Vegas is all out of cupcakes!!!
Please consider opening shop in Nevada... or at least shipping orders FedEx.

All photos by Jules @ Lovely Las Vegas


I like how every cupcake is "signed."
Meg said…
hello! Just started checking out your blog. Have you heard of The Cupcakery in Henderson (on Eastern). It might not be Crave, but it might come in second or third on the list of best cupcakes ever!
Dave - nibbleanibble: Thank you for your comment. Crave's signature candy medallion is pretty cool. It definitely adds to the allure.

Awesome blog by the way (your nibble a nibble). Love your photos and travel insights!
Meg: Thanks for the comment and the scoop on the The Cupcakery. I haven't been to it, but I will definitely have to give it a try. I don't normally go out for dessert, but Crave's cupcakes were amazing, so if I find something similar in Henderson, I will be in caloric trouble, hehe, and heaven.

Which cupcake do you recommend first at The Cupcakery?
Meg said…
I don't know what to recommend - they always have so many flavors that it's hard to decide! They usually have a flavor of the day and will give a free sample. They have everything from fruity, funky, and of course, lots of chocolate. A little pricey, but a fun treat once in a while. The only negative is that there isn't much room to sit and enjoy a coffee; their shop is really small. Hope you enjoy!
SonyaAnn said…
Oh WOW, that looked wonderful! I'm glad that you got to take a road trip.
Have a great weekend!
Linda said…
That cupcake looks yummy! Hope you had a nice time in Houston. I have never been. Maybe someday!

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