Lovely Las Vegas: Artsy Friday at Fry's Electronics

Happy Friday everyone!!!

For a quirky, fun-spirited start to the weekend, here are some images of a slot machine styled Fry's on the Las Vegas Strip, just across from the Town Square shopping plaza:

Photos by Jules @ Lovely Las Vegas


SonyaAnn said…
Thank you for sharing. Have a great weekend! Your life seems like so much fun!
Love the huge quarters! Happy Friday!
Theresa C said…
Thanks so much for posting these, I have never seen that and the giant quarters I LOVE that! I will have to make a trip there just for a photo op when we arrive in 77 days and counting.
Chantale said…
Love the huge quarters too! I thought it was a gigantic stack of chocolate covered quarters. lol. Too cool.
Linda said…
Fry's is my husbands favorite place to shop! It made me smile when I saw your pictures!

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