Lovely Las Vegas: Los Tacos Mexican Food

Los Tacos in Las Vegas ... on East Charleston...kind of near the intersection of Maryland and Charleston.
It was suprisingly empty on this visit.
Usually there is a line and the seats are packed. I guess we missed the crowd this time! Que sorpresa. 

The coctel de camarones... complete with avocado and all the traditional ceviche ingredientes... At $7.50, I think it is a bit expensivo, but my husband loves it, so it was a must whenever we visit Los Tacos. However, while savouring this one, we still dream of our ceviche on the coast of Mexico. Not sure if it was the view, the fresh seafood, or truly a better recipe. It may just be nostalgia.... somehow, it is not the same...
But we can't complain. The combination of colours are lovely, and after adding (lots of) Tapatio for an extra kick of flavour, it is a good shrimp coctel.
As for the tacos at Los Tacos... this is the best carne asada taco I've ever had! It has a $3 base price, plus $1.50 extra to add the avocado, sour cream, and salsa fresca... but is totally worth every dollar.
You can't put a price on delicioso, verdad?


Frøken Paris said…
Me parece muy rico!
Y no, todas las casas en Stavanger are not white, but most of them are...
Muy interesante... Stavanger parece muy bonita y un villa alegre. Quiero regresar a Norge algun dia!

Muchisimas gracias, mange takk for your comments, Froken Paris!
Anonymous said…
THE best taco shop in Vegas! Your taste in food match ours LOL. Archi's, Los Tacos, Firefly*, and Paymons are our top choices for food in Las Vegas.
Anonymous: Hehe, Firefly* and Paymons do rock! I like the original Paymons on Maryland the best. As for Firefly, I'm always impressed, but kind of intimidated to take photos there... it is so trendy and cool inside ; ). But the food is totally comforting. Actually, that whole plaza has so many great restaurants - a good variety.

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