Lovely Las Vegas: Stratosphere

A simple series of Stratophere shots from a recent excursion on the Las Vegas Strip...
(all photos were shot from my very dirty/dust car, hence the weird specks on the photos!)
Getting closer to the tower with each moment.
When the Stratosphere was first build, I used to think it was an eye-sore...
I guess it is kind of think how some Parisians have felt about the Eiffel Tower? Maybe?
At least I have heard this at times.
Now it serves as a nice landmark for me, helping with my navigation skills as I travel through different parts of the Las Vegas valley... and is kind of a cool structure.
Quite unique, yet universal as so many cities/countries have similar towers, too.  
I  like the simplicity of the colours in these shots - just shades of blues and whites...
kind of calming in an urban art sort of way.
What do you think of the Stratosphere? Art? Ugly? Or just another tower?

All photos by Jules @ Lovely Las Vegas


Theresa C said…
That is so funny that you mention it as a navigation tool, we have used it many many times to get us where we are trying to go. Amazing how long you can see it when you are way out side of the city. I went up for the first time (I have High Anxiety) last year, the DH has been up 4 times and has rode every toy atop it.
Hehe, very cool, Theresa. Props to you for finally going up the Stratosphere. I have gone up many times just fine, but will never ride the rides! I can't stomach it.

Very impressive that your hubby has done so several times. Maybe again, soon, since it sounds like you are on the countdown for the next Las Vegas trip!

in the meantime, enjoy your Spring : ).
SonyaAnn said…
Just to see bright blue skies is a treat for me. You still make me want to move!
As always, thank you so much for sharing your world. I feel warmer just visiting!
Linda said…
I think it has been about 12 years since I have been in stratosphere.
I rode the Big Shot. almost had a heart attack. Haven't been back since!
Your pictures of the Stratosphere turned out great!
Hello Linda! You are braver than me - I have never and mostly probably will never do any of the rides at Stratosphere or elsewhere. I once tried the kiddy rides at the Mall of America in Minneapolis, and that was enough for me. Me and my stomach are wimps, apparently ; ).
Becca said…
I still wanted to comment on the Stratosphere. Your photos make the place look cool, but I kind of always thought of it as an eyesore. ha. I'm too chicken to go on the rides so I don't think I've been there in years. I remember when that place was called Vegas World before the tower was built. It had a space ship and spaceman painted on the side of the building. Do you remember that?
Hi Becca,

Thanks for your comment!

Hehe, I am definitely not a ride girl, although I have been to the top, just to enjoy the view, several times. As for Vegas World, this sounds so familiar, but I must say, I never recall visiting... outspace theme? Huh! That would have been interesting to visit...

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