Lovely Las Vegas: Garden Wish List

My recently purchased veggies plants have yet to be planted! It has been too cold and windy here in the Las Vegas Valley to attempt to transplant them. 
However, tending to them daily has brought much joy... 
Green containers full of so much potential and hope for future meals.

After the veggies are finally in their right spots outdoors, I am wishing to bring home some cute little succulents... some for the garden and some as indoor decor on the living room trunk table...

May be some bourganvilla, too... the beautiful flashes of fuschia remind me of leisurely days in San Diego.

An beautiful pots... terra cotta ones glazed a beautiful greens.

Others that span the spectrum of colours in the rainbow... I am mesmerized...

Glossy blues and greens always make me happy.
But natural blue and green hues from nature just can't be beat.

Happy Thursday everyone! May you find much inspiration indoors and outdoors.

Photos by Jules @ Lovely Las Vegas


Ann Flower said…
Just gone through your wish list and found it interesting. Will post my wish list very soon. enjoyed your blog very much.
A.Marie said…
OH! Such awesome pictures! I love blue and green together; when I was first married, our little kitchen had robin's egg blue counters (seriously!) and I had green-checked curtains on the windows. It was so cute! :)
Frances said…
What beautiful pictures! I love when Spring brings back the green.
Linda said…
What a great wish list. Mine wish list looks a little bit like yours.

Your pictures turned out great!
Have a great Weekend!
I became enamored of succulents just a few years ago. Can't get enough of those work horses!
SonyaAnn said…
You make me want to go buy flowers! But it is still to early here to plant. I love that pot with the pink rim. UGH, I want to go shop.
Have a great weekend!
Chantale said…
WOW! Absolutely love those pots! What colours. And I love the idea of succulents in the garden. Will definately try some this year. Gorgeous photos Jules!
kado! said…
the year before we moved from Vegas we had planted a beautiful veggie garden. Every one said it would never grow in the heat...and we proved them wrong! we had bell peppers, zucchini, tomatoes, strawberries....they were delicious. Unfortunately we moved before I could harvest the pumpkins and watermelons...
Hi Kado!

Thanks for the comment. It is great to hear from people who have real living in Las Vegas experience. Especially one with such impressive gardening experience as yourself... pumpkins? And watermelons? Really? That would be awesome... would love to give those a try.

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