Lovely Las Vegas: Gretchin Rubin's Happiness Project

I thought this was an interesting post on the Happiness Project.

I've enjoyed reading Gretchin Rubin's wisdom on creating and cultivating happiness on her website and have been inspired in many ways from her articles. In fact, Lovely Las Vegas is a bit of my own happiness project, a way to escape from some of the headaches of adult life and find beauty and joy in the world around me.

Gretchin's most recent post has gotten me interested in either borrowing her book from the library, or, even better (since I think it would be a wonderful longterm resource), hinting at it as a possible gift from my love. If you aren't familiar with the Happiness Project, I encourage you to learn more. It is a wonderful concept and an excellent source of inspiring things for every day living as well as crafting a gorgeous, more positive, more blissful life.


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