Lovely Las Vegas: Happy Sunday!

A sunny and bright Sunday to everyone!

[photo by jules @ lovely las vegas]


Chantale said…
Wow! Gorgeous sunflower. Happy Sunday to you too!
Becca said…
Wow Jules! That's beautiful! Don't you just love those sunflowers? I've never tried to grow them have you?
Becca :-)
Thanks Chantale!

Becca: I haven't tried growing them at my place, however, my grandparents used to have some growing. And I saw one spring up from my neighbors backyard last summer/fall. Sunflowers do bring me much happiness and I love the idea of growing them!
EatTravelEat said…
Nice sunflower! I've been getting roses in my area. Just finished visiting Las Vegas, although I went sick. Bellagio was nice!

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