Lovely Las Vegas: Garden Cilantro

My little container garden - cilantro and parsley intermixed (some how) together.
It was a very exciting moment - the first yield of cilantro from my own backyard, perfect for adding to my avocado creation. I have been eating lots of fresh cilantro lately, but that was from my parents yield.
I also have a little jalapeno plant (and a yellow bellow pepper one, too). Unfortunately there aren't any spicy peppers growing yet, otherwise the guacamole would have been oh so delicioso!

Are your gardens yielding anything yummy these days?
And does any one have tips for fruitful growing in the Las Vegas Valley?
(Some of my plants are looking a little questionable.)

Photos by Jules @ Lovely Las Vegas


Elle Sees said…
Not a fan of cilantro but it's in so many of my fave dishes though. But I love oregano and not as many people do!

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