Lovely Las Vegas: Ichiza Views and Food

Ichiza, a go-to Japanese restaurant (Izakaya?) in Las Vegas' ChinaTown.
It is now closed for lunch, and my hubby and I usually visit during the evening time (when it is crowed, and a long wait, unforunately), but I caught this quiet moment during a lunch time waiting for a Korean BBQ lunch just a few doors down.
Really like this view, of the Strip and the Asian building in the foreground
... never really noticed it (or at least appreciated it) much at night time.
An old favourite... almost every time I've been to Ichiza, some jalapeno fried rice as been involved. I do like to diversify and try new things, but for some reason, this is about 90% of the time an item that eventially gets ordered. Making it at home doesn't have the same essence.
Something new - the tofu steak.
Loved the sauce and melt-in your mouth tofu with a slightly crispy top, and the crunch of the bean sprouts all in one bite.
Very light, yet satisfying. Simple but visually pleasing, too, no?

Photos by Jules @ Lovely Las Vegas


EatTravelEat said…
Fried rice usually tastes better outside due to the high eat and (sometimes) the oil they use. Tasty but a bit oily! I still haven't tried a jalepeno fried rice yet.
Can't tell where this really's definitely not the old Chinatown Plaza, no?
EatTravelEat: No wonder it tastes much better at Ichiza, hehe. Probably really unhealthy oil, but definitely a high heat on their stoves must be the secret "ingredient".

As for the location, Ichiza is next to the old/main ChinaTown plaza. And is right above Tea Planet in the little, close to the street, plaza.

In the picture, the orange-top roof (with Chinese? motif) building is within the old plaza, at the periphery. The little orange structure further away is part of the entrance to the old/main plaza that has Sam Woo and the grocery market.

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