Lovely Las Vegas: Naked Fish

I wish I could upload photos because I had a dining experience with quite a good view this evening. It was my first time at Naked Fish on Durango and Flamingo, and I was taken to a little table against a window. From the window was a wonderful panoramic view of the Las Vegas Strip. It was pretty amazing, because from that distance from the Strip, the view was pretty much unhindered and I was surprised that the casinos didn't require a magnifying glass to see. Plus, with the transition between day and night, the timing was perfect.

As for the food, it was good, too. Especially loved all the vegetable portions of each of my dishes. The service was okay, but you can't take a photograph of that, so I'll focus on the visual positives. I will have to post pictures of the grub and the vantage point whenever I figure out this google photo issue.

Warm wishes to everyone for a fabulous Friday and a fun, safe weekend!

Jules @ Lovely Las Vegas


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