Lovely Las Vegas: Stereomood

I'm I the only one totally out of the loop?

This weekend I came across a very neat, Pandora-esque online radio called stereomood. You get onto the site, select your mood and then the system creates a playlist geared for what you are feeling. I picked "happy" and my first two songs were Rollerblades by Eliza Doolittle and If I Ever Feel Better by Phoenix. Lovin' both of them! Some of the other moods/themes are "need of love", "roadtrip", "spring cleaning", "chillout", "candlelit dinner", "dreamy", and "vintage".

Have you been tuning into stereomood? If so, what is your favourite mood to channel? If not, how do you usually listen to musik? My record player, DVD player and iPod are all scattered throughout my house, but my office is sadly sans music players, other than the computer. Since I spend a big hunk of time in my office, this is perfecto...


what a cool site! Pandora doesn't work in Europe, but this does and I have desperately been needing some new music in my life. Thanks for sharing, great find!
Elle Sees said…
Love that website. It's always perfect to find a new band, song, or just to fit my mood.
SonyaAnn said…
That sounds like a lot of fun! I'm going to jump over and check that one out.
Have a great week!

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