Lovely Las Vegas: Chef Flemming's European BakeShop

Walking along Water Street in the older portion of Henderson
(basically the twin city with Las Vegas),
I came across this little chef tempting me inside his bakery.

Here's the first sight inside of Chef Flemming's European BakeShop:

Anytime one enters a bakery as cute as this it is time to browse and enjoy, right?

Lots of lovely bread options... I'm always game from freshly baked carbohydrates... how about you?

There are also rows and rows of sweets...

See what I mean?

Apparently the first Saturday of each month is Danish day...
Chef Flemming is apparently from Denmark and dedicates this day to fresh danish treats.

There were many delicious-looking choices to pick from,
but one's got to do what one has to do right?

So after selecting, one can enjoy Chef Flemming's creations here:

And you don't have to eat solo if you came alone.
A little Viking is keen to share with you.

And some other figurines decorate the shelves, too...

But most important of all...

I'll definitely be back to Chef Flemming's BakeShop...
for the cozy atmosphere and the good desserts and breads.

Photos by Jules @ Lovely Las Vegas


Linda Robinson said…
So Yummy, and not far from my house! :)
Theresa C said…
yummy (as I rub my belly). The outside chef looks like Wolf Gang Puck. Thanks for sharing your most excellent find.
Hi Linda: Wow! Your really, really live in Henderson. That is cool that you are so near by Flemming's. What a lucky lady!
Theresa C: Hehe. Flemming does kind of look like Wolfgang in that image ; ).

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