Lovely Las Vegas: Mundo at World Market

The trekk to Mundo at World Market begins with a trekk to downtown area Las Vegas.
This is quite near the Cleveland Clinic Lou Ruvo Center for Brain Health if you are wondering.

Once one has arrived at the World Market Center they will soon find Mundo nearby.
(The entrance is on the outside - so you don't need to enter the World Market.)

mundo - a culinary haute spot - is just to the left.

Here is a little glimpse inside.
Lovely lighting and mirrors abound.
Visually fancy, yet a cozy size for a restaurant.

Live music played as we browsed the menu of this latin chic restaurant.

After much deliberation over the menu, selections were made.
*Pollo Rostisado*

*Mexican Risotto*

*Memory slips me... was this the Wagyu? Filet Mignon? I definitely do not know my meats!*

*Chicken Taquitos*
Not sure why for some dishes pollo is used, and then others English is reverted to...?


The atmosphere at mundo was fabuloso... la musica totally added to the vibe.
The food and presentation overall had a very fancy essence - chic, right?
And the guacomole starter was delicioso. I actually switched entrees with mi marido partially because of this.
My pollo rostisado had a very rich flavor (and what a beautiful plate, no?) But my tastebuds have been craving uber-coziness these days and I adored the combination of his pork wrapped in a tortilla with the guacamole, extra onions and cilantro. The only thing missing for me was some rice and beans...
I know, I know... right?

I'm at a fancy, culinary haute spot and I'm craving a very common, not so chic accompaniment. Ey ai ey!
I just couldn't help it - that is one of my favourites - at home or while dining out.
And you, do you ever find yourself at a fancy locale craving in part or in whole, cozy, comfort food?

Anyway, despite my silly food cravings that evening, I do wish to return.
The tortilla soup looked amazing and
 I'd really like to give a try to the sweet chipotle glaze shrimp tamale and the shrimp diablo.
If anyone else has must-try recommendations on the menu, please do tell.

Photos by Jules @ Lovely Las Vegas


Linda Robinson said…
Those dishes look yummy.. I live here in this wonderful city and have never been down in that area the closes I have come to that area is going to the antique shop on chaleston and the 95.. right there..

how were there prices..
cause the food does look good!

Hope you have a great week!

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