Lovely Las Vegas: Ay-Chung Cafe

Taiwanese cuisine in Las Vegas begins with Ay-Chung Cafe, some say. 
In Mandarin, I think the flagship restaurant name
sounds like Az-Oh-Mein-Chien.
It is located on Spring Mountain Road, west of the main Chinatown plaza.

The original restaurant has been around for a long time... 1975, to be exact.

I remember eating out of similar bowls, but bright green, while in Taiwan.
That bowl was filled with intestine soup... definitely not a favourite of mine, but I gave it a try since it seemed like everyone else in Taipei was lining up and enjoying the soup in the little green bowl.

Here's some stinky tofu.

Tasty but the smell still gets to me!
How can I enjoy stinky cheeses but still have an olfactory aversion to this?!?

A meat (and organ) lover's soup bowl for my hubby.

For me: really boring, right?
The plain noodle soup. 

Ay-Chung Noodle Cafe
5115 Spring Mountain Road - Las Vegas, NV 89146-8719
(702) 458-6868
Photos by Jules @ Lovely Las Vegas


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