Lovely Las Vegas: DW Bistro

DW Bistro (near Southern Hills Hospital)
6115 S. Fort Apache Road • Suite #112 • Las Vegas, Nevada 89148

Inside is quite a nice surprise - clean-lined modern,
yet with cozy touches reminescent of the Caribbean throughout.
Apparently the executive chef is originally from the Caribbean, but has spend much time in New Mexico, so the menu items are a fusion of those two influences.

Even the tables have bright pops of orange colour.

French press coffee (this is the small one).

A veggie omelet of the day with brioche, and potato hash.

The eggs came with a side of fruit - pineapple, yellow watermelo, and green grapes.

Massively thick french toast with strawberries!

Cute little chicken lollipops (small in size but big on flavour).
It came with a side of grilled pineapple.

The sauces - a sweet one and a savory one.
Both quite delicious, a nice balance of flavours.
One bite gingery-mango sauce, the next with the vinegary hot pepper sauce.

The portions are quite enormous. And every bite was scrumptious, so even though there was some
question of whether we could enjoy everything to the last bite, we actually ended up finishing everything!

A nice touch to end the meal - little Jamaican ginger candies.

Photos by Jules @ Lovely Las Vegas


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