Lovely Las Vegas: Rocket Fizz

Rocket Fizz
5130 South Fort Apache Road - Las Vegas, NV 89148-1719
(702) 889-4292

Right when we walked in, there was a table offering free soda samplings.
Very tempting!

And there were rows...

and rows...

and shelves of colorful soda bottles of almost every type imaginable.

My favourites were these simple, clear, vintage looking ones.
Love the design and the colours of the labels.

Leninade also received points for creativity.

Candy is also fully stocked at Rocket Fizz.

So many choices! So many sweet, sweet choices.

Photos by Jules @ Lovely Las Vegas


Linda Robinson said…
WOW.. I just love those Old Vintage style bottles. That looks like a fun place to visit..
Hope you are enjoying your week..

Hugs, Linda
Frances said…
What a fun store!
Chantale said…
Wow! Candy heaven.. lol! If I had gone with you here, I wouldn't know what to choose! I'm telling you, American stores has soooo much selection compared to Canadian stores. Loved this!

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