Lovely Las Vegas: John S. Park Historic District

I was privileged to be guest to a cozy dinner in the John S. Park Historic District in old Las Vegas (proximal to the art district, dowtown and the Strip). Recently, this hip, vintage neighborhood was named one of the "Great Places in America 2010" by the American Planning Association.

 This cute, vintage (by Las Vegas standards), unassuming white house
was the locale of the lovely dinner of last night.

Besides of view of the Strip, the backyard is home to a cute gazebo
and the sweetest of sweet black labs. 

So much green grass! Very old Vegas. 


Appetizer: peppercini peppers and jalapeno-stuffed green olives (yummy)

A savory lasagna that was lovely on the eyes and the stomach.

Caesar salad...  

with anchovies (a wonderful touch).
We also had divine garlic bread with chopped garlic hunks.

We also saw some cool art and paintings in progress as appropriate per this neighborhood, played with the black lab, a tiny little puppy Daschund, and a marbled cat with gorgeous green eyes.
And watched the 2007 film King of California (intriguing). 
For some reason my art and precious pet photos aren't posting, though!
C'est la vie... I'll try later.

Photos by Jules @ Lovely Las Vegas


Chantale said…
Oh my goodness! I missed so many amazing posts! And looks like I missed out on a lot of really good food too. Lol! I didn't know grass existed in Las Vegas, I thought it was against the law or something. You know, dry weather, not alot of water to go around.. This really surprised me. That lasagna looks incredible! Hope you had a wonderful time, the meal looks amazing. And I hope you enjoyed the weekend. Your new blog look is great Jules! Man, I so wish I could one day meet you in Vegas and just eat a great meal with you. : ) That would make me so happy.
Sonia said…
Hi Jules!
Again thanks for sharing wonderful and great pics.
I love lasagna!, mmm!! look delicious!

Counting my days for my Vegas trip... coming soon!!
Chantale: Thank you. Yes - the grass point is interesting because in the past, grass was pretty common. Currently, for new homes, there is more regulation on the amount of grass you can have, so desert landscaping is far more prevalent to help conserve water. But it is still a nice surprise to see vintage grassy spots.

That would be awesome to meet up some day in Vegas. My husband and I would be happy to take your family out to a nice meal : ).
Sonia: Thank you for your comments... Hope you have a lovely, lovely time when you are in Las Vegas and look forward to the photos!
Nilcha said…
hi jules, its me again. that peppers look soo fresh and interesting (well, i my self wont dare to give it a bite tho ) and the caesar salad ummmm looks very yummy.
thanks for posting mouth watering food!
SonyaAnn said…
That looks like it was wonderful!
Thanks for sharing and have a great week!

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