Lovely Las Vegas: Rose Regatta Dragon Boat Race

Lake Las Vegas in Henderson, Nevada was home to the
Rose Regatta Dragon Boat Race on 16 October 2010.
It was the second annual event in Las Vegas-Henderson, hosted by St. Rose Dominican Hospitals.

On the drive to the race, it started to feel like another world, another view from the typical Las Vegas vistas.

The restaurant and shoppes area is very lush, with much green and colors to delight the eyes.  

The buildings have an old-world, European vibe.  

Now back to the important event of the day.  
The philanthropic purpose of the day is to raise funds for helping uninsured men and woman with breast cancer get the care they need.

The teams were comprised of community members, staff of St. Rose, corporations, and even breast cancer survivors from near and far (e.g, Canada).  

One of the modern dragon boats close-up, which is apparently inspired by one of the originals from China (the sport has been around for at least 2000 years).
Another interesting point is that the teams paddle (instead of row).

Overall, it is was a fun day (beautiful weather!)
Maybe next year I can be paddling for the cause instead of just being on the sidelines.

Photos by Jules @ Lovely Las Vegas


Becca said…
Hi Jules, you got some great shots here. I have forgotten how beautiful it is out there, I rarely get out to "the Lakes" Thanks for sharing, looks like it was a beautiful day!
Theresa C said…
We have never made it over to Lake Las Vegas, Thanks for posting your pics
Becca: Hehe... for west-side peeps, Lake Las Vegas is quite the trekk, relatively. So it is totally understandable. But I think definitely worth it.

Have a lovely weekend!
Theresa C: You should try it out next time you are in Las Vegas... it is quite lovely!

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