Lovely Las Vegas: Swish Shabu Shabu New Veggie Platter

 The Las Vegas Entertainment Book 2011 has an offering of 20% off at Swish Shabu Shabu on West Sahara. With a recent chilled night calling for warm comfort food, we were happy head ot a favourite dining spot and take advantage of the deal.

 We hadn't been for a few months, and it seemed there have been some changes since then!
I don't remember such a lovely veggie plate before.
A greater variety of mushrooms, plus some asparagus and broccoli.
I also adore the turquiose plate.

The hot pot, however, was the same.

 The dipping sauce bowls... are these new as well?
I don't recall the little logo before.
But maybe I was too busy cooking to notice back then.

A hungry portion of the beef rib-eye.
It is a little more fatty than some of the other cuts of meat available,
but with shabu shabu, I think that makes the taste and texture just right.

My veggie medley...

The raw egg dipping for dipping... this was a first for us!
Since I currently can only have well cooked eggs, I boiled in the hot pot.
It was quite enjoyable... but we didn't realize until the bill came that there is a charge of $0.95 for the raw egg, so be warned (it doesn't note that on the menu; we should have known, though, since you have to request it). 

Two pictures of our mango and green tea mochi ice cream because I couldn't decide which photo was better. I like the softness of this first image... 

But the vibrance of the orange color in this one is quite nice, too.
Which do you think is better... without flash or with?

Happy Monday, happy new week, and happy eats to all!

Photos by Jules @ Lovely Las Vegas 


Nilcha said…
its a mochi? wow so big..
this is da first time i saw a mango mochi!! cool post!

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