Lovely Las Vegas: Self-Care List a la Pink of Perfection

Pink of Perfection, a lovely, lovely blog full of inspiration and honest self-reflection, recently wrote a post called "Taking Care". In it she encourages a truthful compilation of those things that really make us feel good - connecting back to our selfs - healing mind and body. It is supposed to be have more of a hedonic bent (instead of a list purely made to reflect what we think is supposed to make use feel well based on societal suggestions).

So here's my list:

Indie and international films picked up from the library

Fresh squeezed orange juice or pomegranate juice (with or without sparkling water)

Coming home from work and getting uber-comfortable in soft yoga pants and an old t-shirt acquired from travels past then spending quality time with my husband... and not leaving the house until the next morning when work again calls

Simple gatherings with family and friends

Time with my nephew (a 5 year old "puppy")

Jamming to music - new and old favourites

Fiddling with my camera out in nature 

Photo by Jules @ Lovely Las Vegas
 (another garden experiment in my backyard gone awry)


Chantale said…
Love your self-care list. Something I don't really sit down to think about for myself lately. I also love to get out of work clothes and into something else at home. Hope you enjoyed your weekend and it was full of relaxing, eating and chilling out!

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