Lovely Las Vegas: Paris Hotel Take-Out

 Recently, I spent a lovely evening with friends, enjoying fresh bread from the Paris Hotel & Casino
(j'adore the cranberry loaf as well as the olive bread).
 We also enjoyed delicious homemade squash & leek soup along with a cheese and fruit platter.
 Visually, the evening was sweeten with many a divine dessert, all courtesy of Paris Las Vegas.

 We did divide and conquer the sweet treats, although there were some left over crumbs...
 From the appetizers, to the soup, and then the desserts, it was quite a lovely gathering...
All in honour of the ever-growing belly bump. : )

Merci beaucoup lovely ladies!
And thank you Paris Las Vegas, for a little touch of France in the middle of the Mojave.

Photos by Jules @ Lovely Las Vegas
Last two, delicious-looking photos snapped by Miss D.  


Chantale said…
Oh I can see a little belly bump in that pic! So amazing and cute. Perhaps little Baby Las Vegas will acquire a gourmet taste! lol. That mille feuille looks divine..
Sonia said…
Hi Jules
Look so delicious! yummy, yummy!
Nilcha said…
ah all those cakes are just too cute to be eaten :P

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