Lovely Las Vegas: Bellagio Atrium's Chinese New Year

 The atrium at the Bellagio is preparing for Chinese New Year.
 All the ceremonial decorations are out to ring in the Year of the Rabbit.

 Red lanterns cascading down.
 Terra cotta soldier with his team of horses.
 Gold coins.

 Even the Chinese god of wealth is joining in the festivities.
Happy (early) Chinese New Year to everyone!

Photos by Jules @ Lovely Las Vegas


ChantaleP said…
wow! Stunning setup! Does this mean we can take a week off for chinese new year too?? lol. Hope you enjoyed your weekend!
Hey Chantale ~

That would be awesome if we could take a whole week off for the Chinese New Year. I approve. : )

Hope you are having a lovely week!
Theresa C said…
Thanks so much for posting these pics. I was wondering how they would do the rabbit in vegetation. They did a stunning job as always and thanks again for posting. I live through your blog until I can make it back there in late Spring

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