Lovely Las Vegas: Chihuly around Las Vegas

Recently, World Traveler requested a listing of places in the Las Vegas valley where Chihuly glass work could be found.  Being absorbed with my lovely little neonate the last few weeks, I post this mini list based on Chihuly pieces that quickly come to mind. If anyone knows of other places to see these amazing works of art, please do share! Merci beaucoup (in advance).

1. Bellagio lobby (as pictured above)

2. City Center's Crystals shopping plaza (there is a museum/art store dedicated solely to Chihuly)

3. St. Rose Dominican Hospitals - San Martin campus

Photo by Jules @ Lovely Las Vegas


ChantaleP said…
I love Chihuly! This is so magical..
How are you doing Jules? Where's the bambino? Bambina? Hope you're doing well!
Theresa C said…
Beautiful, every time we make it to Bellagio I admire the ceiling. Great photo!
Linda R. said…
What a great photo.. I always admire this work of Art when I am in the Bellagio.. Hope everything is going well with you!!

Hugs, Linda

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