Lovely Las Vegas: Shabu Shabu Paradise

The first time I ate shabu shabu was in Taipei, Taiwan. After that, I've only eaten it at home or at Swish Shabu Shabu on West Sahara in Las Vegas. All my experiences with this hot pot self-cooking meal have been enjoyable and cozy.

As far as eating out goes, I've found Swish to be one of my favourite spots for Japanese food in the Las Vegas valley. Due to my affinity for the tried and the true in this cuisine, I hadn't felt a need to try out any other spots in the valley. However, this weekend, I happy accepted an invite to a night with friends at Shabu Shabu Paradise (Green Valley Ranch area of Henderson, off Valle Verde South).

Upon arrival, as I scanned the little dining area, I found eye candy in the decor. The red counters, with little hints of sparkle, and the gorgeous purple kimono, which hung on the wall, radiated a lovely coziness. While no written menus adorned the walls (as I generally enjoy in my Japanese hot spots), I immediately liked the vibe.

As for the real purpose of the evening, well that was a success as well. Everyone at my table (except the bebe, teehee), ordered shabu shabu. The meal began with a little bowl of mixed-greens salad with a light, but delish, gingery sauce. Much to my delight, one could order multiple rounds of the salad. Then, for the hot pot, the all-you-can-eat veggies included crisp cabbage, green onions/scallions, thinly sliced bamboo shoots, carrot rounds, tofu, and tofu noodles.

As for the meat, I ordered the "Queen" half and half styling of half portion of organic chicken and half portion of shrimp ($19). The sauces were a nice surprise, with the usual peanut sauce and ponzu sauce, flanked by a third option of hot, hot ponzu. Thinly sliced scallions and minced radish were offered for the dipping sauces, however, we had to ask for garlic. While we were given it upon request, we were told that it was only to be placed in our sauces, and not the hot pot, as other customers may not like the smell radiating the air. Hehe, we probably are not very liked at Swish because we always place the garlic in the simmering pot there!

Let's not forget the complimentary desert. I simple bowl of vanilla ice cream topped with green tea powder and adorned with a slice of fruit (mango?) on the side. There was also the option of strawberry or chocolate sauce, but I could not resist the green goodness. 

Overall, it was a wonderful meal and I'd love to return to Shabu Shabu Paradise another time.


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