Lovely Las Vegas: Minus 5 Ice Bar, Mandalay Bay

This summer I had the Minus5 Ice Bar on my wish list of staycation adventures. I am now delighted to report that the Minus5 experience at Mandalay Bay finally has been achieved!

I visited as part of a gathering created to celebrate two great Norwegian historical figures. One hundred years ago (December 1911), Nordic explorer Roald Amundsen made it to the South Pole, while 2011 marks the 150th anniversary of fellow Scandinavian explorer Fridtjof Nansen's birth.

The Minus5 Bar was the perfect local locale to toast these Arctic adventurers. While the actually ice bar is relatively quite tiny (just a bit larger than my kitchen/dining area), the all ice surroundings made me feel like I was transported to one of the poles. At $27 for entrance (with parka, boots, and mittens) plus a drink, it may be a steep price to pay in order to freeze one's extremities (the temperature is actually minus 5 degrees Celsius to prevent all the ice from melting), however, it was a cool experience that I'm glad I finally did partake in.

The major bummer of the evening: no pictures allowed! The ice bar does take professional ones for you... for a hefty fee, so you always have that option to show off your desert ice adventure.


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