Raku Sweets

Nestled in the same plaza as the original, savory Raku, and right next door to Kabuto (photo above of the little sneak peak window at Kabuto), is Raku Sweets (photos below).

You enter and are enticed by some lovely tea tins...

And then a wall of wines!

A lovely state of the art, Scandi-inspired kitchen.

Awaiting our desserts, we see artistic presentations in front of the other diners.

Then we are presented with a menu scroll!

Which we unroll and begin dipping in a berry sauce... all components are edible!

Angel cream!!! Heavenly.

Three layers of berry chocolately delight.

A pumpkin custard creation perfect for Fall.

Light offerings to finish the three course dessert menu.

Another light offering.

Everything prepared before your eyes!
This lovely lady is creating the Mt. Fuji dessert.


Photos by Jules @ Lovely Las Vegas


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