Lovely Las Vegas: Due Forni

A little stop at the Coffee Bean turned into a lovely *albeit quick* visit to Due Forni. With tiny toys in tow it always feels a little iffy on how well behaved our crew will be, and since this was an impromptu spur if the moment decision to stop in for pizza, it was especially a big question mark. Thankfully it turned out to be a most delicious meal. Here are some snap shots:

An off the menu pasta at the request of the little ones: just penne, butter and parmigiana. And simply delish. 

The tartufo because my hubby loves truffles and everyone loves runny eggs in our family (see center of pizza). The crust was the thinner Roman crust.

What was interesting/new to me was that when the server brought the pizza he cut into the egg yolk and spread the whole egg through out the pizza diameter. I've had sunny side up or over-easy eggs on pizza and salad before (made at home), but I just cut into them, not thinking to further evenly distribute the egg. Delicioso both ways but I feel enlightened culinarily today. 

A sweet moment was when my little one asked the server, "Chef, what is that?" in regards to the pizza cutter wheel. Ours is a plastic shark shaped one from Nordic Ware and much smaller so I don't think he made the connection. Thusly, he was quite impressed. 

As for the glass... it is a cool hand-blown one from Italy. Lovely. 

Photos by Jules at Lovely Las Vegas


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