Lovely Las Vegas: Bernard's Bistro

During a recent trip to Lake Las Vegas, which was make with a lunch trip at Bernard's Bistro in mind, be found out some startling stuff. Firstly, with the casino closing nearly 6 months ago, the main Lake Las Vegas shops were more ghost town than I've ever seen. They often weren't very busy, but this was to a new level to me. Our waiter devulged that due to the low business, the owner of the resort is letting them be there rent-free currently, in hopes that Bernard's Bistro doesn't close. 

My plea to all: make a trip to Lake Las Vegas, please. Enjoy some good food at Bernard's or wherever else is still open and savour the beautiful views as this may be a thing if the past if things keep on this trajectory!

Photos by Jules at Las Vegas


samria fordin said…
If I am not wrong are these Las Vegas restaurants images? It looks fabulous and food also looks delightful on the table. Can you please update some more images of LV restaurants?

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