Lovely Las Vegas: Amore Taste of Chicago

On Durango, just north of Flamingo sits a cozy little pizzeria called Amore Taste of Chicago. We were invited here by friends today for our little ones to get together before the school year starts and they are at different schools from each other. 

We were running a tad bit late *surprise, surprise* so our friends got the order rolling. One great option the restaurant has is a gluten free pizza (it looks yummy with a crispy think crust and lots of veggies). 

For the kids simple basic pizza works the best, hence the cheese pie and the pepperoni pie. 

One of the really neat things about the small shop is the incorporation of Las Vegas hot spots on the tables. Evidence A: 

That's the table! Yay to vintage Vegas casinos. The other ones by us were a Chinese New Year Bellagio atrium scene on one and the other was an image from the Venetian. On the walls was a more diverse collection of memorabilia including an image of Wrigley Field, photo of Marilyn Monre with a flower in her mouth, and black and white classics. 

I look forward to future visits to discover more in the decor and the menu (since we were late, I never got to view the culinary options). 

Photos by Jules at Lovely Las Vegas


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