Lovely Las Vegas: Freudenberger's Original Pancake House

On Fort Apache and Flamingo, Freudenberger's Original Pancake House sits next to the Goodwill superstore. 

Upon entering you see some great rules that work well for the restaurant. 

The menu is awesome, complete with such special finds as lingonberries, potato pancakes with a scrumptious applesauce compote, etc. Things for veggie lovers and meat lovers are possible here, too.  We went simple today, sharing a four egg vegetable omelette (broccoli, mushrooms, tomatoes, spinach and onions). Cheese options were cheddar, Swiss or Gouda. We went with the latter. Check out the thickness of it! Definitely must make it communal.

One of the always picks is perfect for grandparents with their grandchildren. They have a grand special specifically for this special dual-generation pairing that gives pancakes, eggs, bacon for a nice price. I think you can interchange the pancakes for toast. 

The booth we sat at was near signed photos of Emeril and Jerry Lewis. As the cooking star would say Bam! Breakfast success. 

Photos by Jules at Lovely Las Vegas 


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