Lovely Las Vegas: Flock and Fowl

Browsing Desert Companion's food issue, Sheridan Su and wife Jenny Wong's Hainan chicken at Flock & Fowl stood out to me ... As it made mention of Taiwan and I remember having a specialty chicken rice on the island while visiting once. So, I dogeared the page to show my husband. The next day, I got a text from him saying, "Are you in your office? Bringing you the Hainan chicken." 

He's been a big fan ever since. Including a three day lunch run for the same Hainan chicken dish, despite it being quite the trek from his place of work. 

The interesting thing is the limited hours of operation of flock & fowl (just several hours a day around lunchtime). Location is central on 380 West Sahara, though, making it a worthwhile trek from the many areas of the valley. 

Here's the simple but amazingly delicious Hainan chicken and rice dish. Simple but perfectly timed and thought out preparation + fresh / pure ingredients + delicious sauces (1. ginger scallion, 2. Spicy chili, or 3. Soy sauce) = yummy lunch dish. 



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