Lovely Las Vegas: Andiron at Downtown Summerlin

Leaving work around 5 on on Friday I saw a text that had come in four hours earlier... "Date night?" And at 6 pm, with the Bebe in tow, we made our way to Andiron Steak & Sea in Downtown Summerlin. In ├╝ber-casual clothes and the baby bag I felt a little underdressed coming up upon a Bentley at the entrance, hehe. 

But, upon entering the restaurant, I was at ease, and in awe of the loveliness of the colors, the furniture, the feel of the place. 

Started the meal with the complimentary bread and butter. Yummy. 

I think the drink was Stubborn as a Mule. Definitely a delicious drink and a super cool presentation with the hammered copper mug. 

I especially like this photo of the drink. 

Calamari with aioli. Without the sauce the  appetizer was crispy perfection. With the garlicky goodness - heaven. 

A creamy, minty pea soup. The Bebe loved this. He had spaghetti at home before we went out but he was going gaga for it and eating it like he hadn't had dinner. The mashed potatoes was his other favorite. 

My seafood papedelle. Scallops, shrimp... Very nice seafood dish. I hadn't realized it was tomato based when I ordered it though. 

Steak with a nice Andiron dipping sauce. 

Live music to boot! No room for dessert though... Maybe another time. 

Photos by Jules at Lovely Las Vegas


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