Lovely Las Vegas: Baguette Café Debacle

We had a multi-fold series of order mishaps at Baguette Café today. Olivier wasn't there and perhaps the lady taking our order was new ... And it all turned out to be a bit of a comedy of errors. Thankfully nothing was harmful and the afternoon / lunch was lovely especially with the great outdoor weather of late. 

Okay, so to begin the tale, we ordered two combos of soup plus half sandwich. To was the pesto panini plus the carrot ginger soup and the eggplant panini plus cream of turnip soup. Plus we ordered a coffee and a dessert. The lady asked if it was to go or for here and we said for here. So she asked us to take a number. She also prepped our coffee and sent us away with our dessert. 

Since we were on lunch break we were watching the time. At one point staff come out with to go bags saying it contained two meals including quiche and soup. No one claimed it. And after seeing several people who ordered after us getting their food we politely inquired about our meal. They said that must have been ours. Yet we ordered sandwiches not quiche so they grabbed our receipt and said they would quickly prepared our ordered meals. 

After that point the meal did come quickly! Thankfully since we were off the clock and needed to get back to our respective offices. When it did come the funny thing was they had mixed up the soups. That was an easy fix for us, so I just switched the soups so we each had our correct ones. I took these photos after I corrected the pairings. 

Once everything was in order we really enjoyed our meals. Soups especially. However, upon biting into his sandwich my hubby noted that his sandwich had bacon and no pesto. So it was different than he ordered. 

Thus, the comedy continued, hehe. And that made for an interesting yet still yummy lunch. 

Photos by Jules at Lovely Las Vegas 


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