Lovely Las Vegas: Baguette Cafe Love

Lunch break at Baguette Café - love love love! Here are the yummy treats at this cozy Monday - Friday establishment near Dignity Health - St. Rose Dominican San Martín campus and Southern Hills Hospital on the west side of the valley. 

Gratitude in a "glass" = Apple, carrot and ginger drink. Refreshing delight! 

My 1/2 sandwich with cup of soup combo. Tuna sandwich with eggs and salad/veggies. Plus nice little side salad. 

The "oh my goodness" soup of celery root purée... Wow. A total delish soup.

Cappuccino... Illy. ☕️💛💛💛

 And chocolately delight that was presented warm and reminds me of the pan au chocolate ice enjoyed numerous times in Paris. 

Lovely lovely lunchtime! 


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