Lovely Las Vegas: Billy Joel at the T-Mobile Arena

I feel slightly (incredibly) behind the times... reading the Vital Vegas Blog (which I just discovered), I was going "huh" to the mention of the T-Mobile Arena. Later that same day, driving down the 215, I spotted a big billboard announcing Billy Joel playing at the T-Mobile Arena on 30 April 2015 (just days away!) I guess this is the old MGM arena, I think the one in which I watched an indoor soccer/football match when I was in junior or senior high school. Wow, I am really living under a rock, as when I first saw that name, I was pondering about what city is that arena located in. It sounded like LA or some other big hot shot metropolis. Hehe. No clue it was my own metro.

Any, Billy Joel is rocking out at the T-Mobile Arena, in Las Vegas, on the Strip this week. Here is some cool information about his albums. And about him & the upcoming concert.

Jules @ Lovely Las Vegas apparently needs to get out more. ; )

Wishing everyone a wonderful, wonderful week!


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