Lovely Las Vegas Food: Pâtiesserie Manon Fruit Tart

A Saturday treat. Checking out specs at the optometrist AM this AM I received a call from my love who was just coming off work to see if I wanted Flock & Fowl Hainan chicken. Gingery garlic sauce - moist, moist chicken - mouth watering goodness. I was sad to have to decline to such a wonderful invite. But my focus was on getting a nice set of spectacles and it may take a while to find just the right pair. So I said thank you, thank you but I better stay put. Plus, I didn't want to delay the dine out plans, so I made assurances that I'd be fine at home with left over ravioli. 

The super cool part was when I later arrived at home, I took a little fika to enjoy some tea and read The Year of Living Danishly (rare moment of quiet with napping of the littlest little!) Upon cracking open the pages and getting drawn into the cozy, cute and fun book, I was surprised with a beautiful fruit tart from Pâtisserie Manon just as I was reading about the UK expats first few moments in Denmark researching about the origin of of the term "Danishes" in regards to certain pasties. Sweet Danish Lego horse and I appreciate the sweet sweet treat!!! Even though it isn't a "Danish". ; ) 

Photos by Jules @ Lovely Las Vegas 


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