Lovely Las Vegas: desert companion and Architecture Las Vegas

These lovely magazines came in the mail yesterday: desert companion and Architecture Las Vegas. This issue of desert companion is dedicated to road trips in and around Nevada! Very cool historical and current day background information of some interesting places that are now on my must see list. 

Some of the articles detail unique, intriguing sites that are linked to dark times and a motivated, focused artisan (e.g., the Thundar Mountain Monument), others make you really, really hungry for food and more history (e.g., Basque in Tradition article), and many others are inspiring you to pack you bags for a serious Nevada adventure! 

One point of interest closer to home is that I learned from the City Within the City article that Summerlin was the name of Howard Hughes' grandmother, Jean Amelia. I had no clue, so that was a fun tidbit of history. 

Happy reading! 

Photo by Jules @ Lovely Las Vegas


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