Lovely Las Vegas Food: Cantina Laredo

We made it to Tivoli Village in Summerlin tonight! It's super cool to get out in such nice weather to get away from stresses and to step outside of the normal post work night routine. Plus, reading The Year of Living Danishly, it is appropriate to find our way to Tivoli! 

Watermelon alcohol drink. 

And blood orange drink. 

Tacos al pescado with Mahi Mahi. It noted this was new in the menu. Loved all the veggies included. Option to grill or beer batter the fish (I went with grilled). 

Super delish beams with queso. 

Skirt steak style dish for the meat lover. 

The salsas - both are really good, one they noted as super spicy. 

The chips. The baby had eaten dinner proper before we went out but was going wild for the chips and also really enjoyed the beans. Wouldn't try the fish, unfortunately. 

Photos by Jules @ Lovely Las Vegas 


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