Lovely Las Vegas Home Kitchen: English Muffin with egg, bacon and special spices

Vegas Viking Björn requested a breakfast of English muffin, fried egg, bacon and sauce. For the Papa Björn, he requested only a mayo base, but I made it a little special by adding turmeric. On the tomatoes were red wine vinegar, olive oil, fresh ground pepper and Meditterean seasoning with lavender. For the other Bears requesting this breakfast, the sauce was a mix of mayo, mustard, some more turmeric (even though the mustard already has some) and cumin. 

We were inspired by Nagina Abdullah of Masala Body to add more spices to all our creations. Here's her super cool and inspiring website Masala Body ( I'm sure she isn't advocating this spin off of a well-known fast food restaurant, but these are a fav of Papa Bear and I think they are significantly healthier when made at home. Plus, they are a special, rare treat. With the added bursts of flavor due to the spices, hopefully we are getting some additional good, beneficial things in our diet while getting to splurge on this fast food redux. 

Photo by Jules @ Lovely Las Vegas 


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