Lovely Las Vegas Shops: First Las Vegas IKEA Visit

We did it today! After a fabulous play date at the park in Blue Diamond city limits, we drove past IKEA and decided to brave it inside. Saturday, Memorial Day weekend, I dare say it was crowded, at least by my perspective. But it was a fun outing, even with the stress of navigating around tons of people while trying not to get separated from my littles. They were instructed to hold onto our stroller in either side but were easily distracted by Swedish design, cuteness, comfy corners and coziness! 

We got away with under $21 worth of purchases including the below and many more chocolate bars, a potato cream sauce packet and some colorful hooks for the kids' room. However, many more things are on the wish list, hehe. 

We had intended to eat lunch at the cafĂ© but the place was congested and the line was long and one mommy plus three little ones - I was not that brave to endur such a wait. 

Photos by Jules @ Lovely Las Vegas 


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