Lovely Las Vegas Food: Rock N Noodle

I had a special treat when my sister and her boyfriend took me to dinner. We met up that night to watch the Cure tribute band at House of Blues together. But first we decided we must be well nourished. This is where we parked, adjacent to the restaurant was this mural and across the street were even more. 

Here is the welcoming sign: Rock 'N'oodles! Perfect place to eat pre-concert, no? 

I love their rock music theme and lyrics wall. And cool mirrored guitar art piece. 

Our shoes. This is actually an accidental photo taken without even realizing it. Hehe, but I would like to point out little sisters should not wear high heeled Swedish Hasbeens when bigger sisters are wearing Converse. She is way taller than me that way! And that is not very nice. ; ) 

The chalkboard has daily specials. Look at the yummy options! The actual set menu has a huge variety of culinary creations inspired from flavors around the world. 

While we waited there was a contest that if you guess the name of the song playing overhead you can get an entree free I believe. We could guess the artist but not the song name... Maybe next time! 

There is only a small little sitting area inside with two table. There are some additional places outside, in front of the restaurant too. 

Some drink options here in the glass case. Although they do have red & white wine selections as well. 

This was mine. A tikka masala inspired dish with orzo pasta (not rice since it is the Noodle place). 

Here is the Scarborough Faire beurre blanc dish from the Sister who is littler than me when she doesn't wear Hasbeens, ; ). 

Our trusty chauffeur for the night selected a New Orleans Jambalaya-esque entree. 

We did have some food left over and apparently putting the to go box together is no simple task. We fumbled around a bit but the waitress was very kind and demonstrated how it really should be done for best effect. : ) 

Thanks for a lovely dinner D & D! 

1108 S. 3rd Street
Las Vegas, NV 89104

Photos by Jules @ Lovely Las Vegas 


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