Lovely Las Vegas Business: Frame Fixer

Okay, so the littlest of littles broke my Ray Bans a while back. I loved these frames and it was a sad thing. But he was so drawn to them that as my mobile phone and glass frames both laid on the bedside nightstand, each option in close reach, and he grabbed for the spectacles over the technology! He does like to try on a good pair of frames. 

Anyway, one of the arms (the long bar part that wraps around the ear; not really sure of the technical name of those) was completely torn off from the front of the frame. With high hopes (but knowing it would be an unlikely possibility), I brought those to my optometrist to fix. They said they couldn't do it but gave me the flier for Frame Fixer. See M the Monkey holding it? 

Frame Fixer is pretty awesome. They looked at my broken glasses, made a call to Italy (I was super surprised this American brand (no?) has parts made in Italy!) and said they could order the parts and they'd arrive in 3 weeks and then be able to fix it! So the three weeks transpired an now M a go have a new set of Ray Bans and both side arms are actually new! 

The cost of this fix: $70. 

Getting to keep these classics in my spectacle repertoire = priceless! It's so sad when glasses get broken. It feels wonderful to revive these ones for use! 

Thank you Frame Fixer! You provide such a wonderful, needed service to the greater Lovely Las Vegas area! 

Photos by Jules @ Lovely Las Vegas


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