Lovely Las Vegas: Amore Taste of Chicago

I first visited and wrote about Amore Taste of Chicago about a year ago. Both in 2015 and 2016, we joined friends for pizza here to bid farewell to summer and ring in the new school year. 

This restaurant definitely shows its Chicago pride on the walls and with the food offerings. 

One super cool aspect of the decoration is that is shows some love to its Las Vegas location. The table tops have been covered in famous Las Vegas scenes. Fabulous, no? 

As for the food - yummy and definitely kid and family friendly. A really low key place to hang out and dine.

We ordered one of the gluten free pizzas with spinach and green olives. Gotta figure out what ingredients are used for this crust as I really was diggin' it. 

And the kids wanted pepperoni pizza. Okay, well one of mine wanted the meat whilst the other only eats crusts of pizza, so it was a bit of an interesting sight to see them share this pizza. 

Also, one of our little friends was celebrating a birthday on that very day and the waitresses were so sweet to suprise him with a candle topped cannoli! 

All in all, a lovely meal with great company! 

Photos by Jules @ Lovely Las Vegas 


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