Lovely Las Vegas Food: Lee's Sandwiches Henderson

Famished one fine Friday afternoon, in route to the 215 (freeway), I made a spur of the moment detour to a happening plaza off Eastern, near St. Rose Parkway (Henderson, Nevada - basically the twin city of Las Vegas). Many lovely food options abounded, however, being alone and wanting a convenient and delish place where I wouldn't feel too strange eating alone, I opted for Lee's Sandwiches.

I was pleasantly surprised as I walked in the door. Having been to the ChinaTown Lee's Sandwich shop long ago, I recall supremely yummy sandwiches (the crunch! the freshness! the flavor!) but nothing too impressive or noteworthy about the decor. I could totally be wrong about that memory and maybe it was just that the high-quality sandwiches blocked out everything else, but what a fun find to see such a cute and bright dining arrangement at Lee's on Eastern.

The food shone just like the long ago memories I have of their sandwiches.

Look at the colorful and crisp veggies and the perfectly chewy baguette. The jalapeƱo gave a wonderful punch to the overall flavor! This was the veggie sandwich with added grilled chicken, for some extra protein to help power me through that sleepy afternoon.

I added a cafe mocha for some nice chocolatey flavor and energization assistance. And had two egg rolls to bring home for a snack later.

With some quiet time for a nice lunch and reading, it was a lovely, lovely Las Vegas **I mean, Henderson** afternoon indeed!

Photos by Jules @ Lovely Las Vegas

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