Lovely Las Vegas: 24 Hour Fitness Juice Bar

After an intense swim session for the littles (thank you Safe Splash Swim School - we love you!), we had a special treat at the 24 Hour Fitness Juice Bar. 

For the parents: a Match Fresh blended smoothie with banana, match green tea, water and vanilla protein powder. Those are the things I recall (there may be other items in there). It is supposed to detox and refresh and I'm therefore patiently waiting for the magic to kick in. ; ) Definitely a light and yummy post-work out drink. So no complaints from me. 

And for the little ones. From the kids menu. The Kiddie Cookie Crunch. Basically, this is Oreo-style cookies with chocolate protein powder. Anything with chocolate and with cookies and my kids are game, at least to give it a try. They did enjoy this smoothie, especially after getting to watch it be made. They were really into seeing the barista in action (first photo). : ) 

From Lovely Las Vegas, with Love... 




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