Lovely Las Vegas: Bellagio Atrium Chinese New Year 2017 Year of the Rooster Display

The Bellagio Atrium is a beautiful, seasonally-changing exhibit of culture, flowers & fantasy.

This past weekend I visited the atrium, where the Chinese New Year, Year of the Rooster exhibit was still on display. Chinese New Year, AKA: The Lunar New Year, spans 15 days. This year, the first day of the Chinese New Year was Saturday, 28 January. And the festivities cumulated in the Lantern Festival on Saturday, 11 February. Las Vegas is one of the lovely cities in the United States that embraces the Chinese New Year spirit in many of the lovely hotels & casino's on the Strip.

Please enjoy these photos of my President's Day weekend stop at Bellagio's atrium:

The Rooster in the background, but the main star of this new Chinese year and exhibit. 

A golden arch surrounded by sunflowers whose centers were actually made from sunflower seeds! 

Beautiful Chinese inspired decor abound around and around this season's atrium. 

Love the real flowers used make this larger than life character's clothes. 

I don't think this was specific to the Year of the Rooster display, but I love the these two vibrant colors together and the glass artwork. 

And en finale, some cute boots prancing across the gorgeously tiled Bellagio floor. We had three children along, including one in a stroller, five six adults (why do I always forget to count myself? hehe), and my 93 1/2 year old grandmother on our visit this past weekend. And despite the holiday crowd and our rather big crew of family, were were able to spend time leisurely browsing the different areas of the atrium with a fair amount of ease.

One of the toddlers even had an urgent bathroom need and we were able to make it to the restroom in good time despite being at the far end of the exhibit and needing to navigate our way through the tight crowds to get to the rest area.

With love from the Lovely Las Vegas Strip, 


P.S. For more Bellagio beauty, here is my TripAdvisor review of the lovely and magically beautiful Bellagio Fountains, which are another must-see while visiting the Bellagio.



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