Lovely Las Vegas: Escapology

I had the lovely opportunity to be part of a team-building activity at Escapology in Las Vegas recently. Having seen something like this a while back on the Big Bang Theory (back when Raj was dating the red-headed dermatologist), I thought it was an intriguing concept but was clueless that my very own hometown had such a place in its midst.

As a work-related invite, I didn't have much background on escape rooms, but was ready to give it a try. Arriving at the plaza on South Maryland near Sunrise Hospital, I was surprised at the size of Escapology in comparison to the other storefronts near it, even as viewed on the outside. I remember shopping at the Big 5 Sporting Goods store in my youth but don't recall it being such a large plaza. Totally different location and frontage than I expected!

When you first enter Escapology, you have a sense of being transported to a classy, vintage lounge somewhere back in time in the UK. My group was already there, so I was quickly directed to sign-in on an iPad and my team of four was assigned to the Cuban Crisis room.

No photos or videos are allowed in the actual escape rooms, so all the images included here are from the lobby // waiting area. But the great "lost in time" vibe extended to our escape room. And I imagine the other themed rooms are equally as well dressed for their intended vibes.

The Escapology team is very friendly and helpful, so they walked us through how the escape room works, as far as where to see the count down clock, where to write our findings (there is a white board so you can collect you thoughts and write clues down as you go), how to ask for help if needed, and were we would punch in our final clue (escape code) when we discovered it.

All in all, it was an unexpectedly fun time, allowing one to team up outside of the normal work environment to solve ourselves out of the our problem at hand, <>. This was entertainment, deductive reasoning and problem-solving skills coming together in a lovely and enchanting way!


While I've bid adieu to Escapology for round one, I'd love to return to explore the other themed rooms at this creative and unique destination. Thank you, Escapology, for the brilliant experience!

P.S. Here is my TripAdvisor Review of my first time at Escapology in Las Vegas.



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