Lindbergh Cafe, Downtown Summerlin, Las Vegas

Years ago, with a huge belly that was about 7 days from popping out one sweet baby, exhausted from walking around the mall, I found a comfy and super cute chair to seat in at Lindbergh Cafe. I didn't eat anything at that time (sorry, cafe!) but no one said anything; likely big belly provided some kind sympathy and waiver for the normal standard to be an ordering customer to sit. 

Anyway, I have had this aviation theme shopping establishment and its cute cafe in my head ever since. So when some of my besties decided to meet up recently, I recommended Lindbergh Cafe, not knowing anything about it other than it had illy coffee, salads, and crepes. 

Scouting out the menu in vintage aviator vibe chairs. 

Nutella cappuccino. 

The big cafe area. A pretty open space in the clothing store. 
However, it is really quiet, so I am not sure how much business it gets. I think we were the only ones ordering anything and we lingering, chatting and dining, a long time! 

We ordered family style and felt the food was fine. Probably not the first pick for culinary wonder, but I enjoyed the company and atmosphere and my belly was satisfied after a Margherita pizza, chicken (my fellow dinners ate some of those), and a Greek salad. 

Vibrant colored salat. Nicely plated. 
It was pretty huge and was perfect for sharing between the three in our party. : ) 

Thank you ladies for a lovely little dining get-a-way and for letting me test out Lindbergh Cafe. : ) 

Photos by Jules @ Lovely Las Vegas and thank you B from lovely Las Vegas for capturing my image. 



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