Lovely Las Vegas: Baguette Cafe Soup and Sandwich Combo

Love surprise lunch dates! Especially on busy// stressful // or hectic days at work. It really makes the difference in the afternoon to get away and have a nice little cozy meal with a loved one. 

Baguette Cafe off 215 and Sunset in the Southwest of the valley is a favourite spot for such a lunch. Here is the photo of the one-half curry sandwich plus vegan green bean + potato soup. 
Accompanied by a light side salat. 

The curry sandwich with melted mozzarella adding to the yum factor. 
And I love the soup cups. Different colored stripes on each of the soup cups. 

One-half tuna sandwich (that despite not being an open face sandwich reminded me of Norway the first time I tried it at Baguette Cafe; thus the affection I have for it) plus creamy veggie puree soup. 

My tuna plus egg sandwich up close. 

Time for sweets! The chocolate twist and the pain au chocolat do not disappoint. 
As for the ginger ale... amazing! Such a wonderfully fresh ginger taste. 

With much love from Lovely Las Vegas, 



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