Lovely Las Vegas: Cozy Chinese Dinner

Tonight my quirky and cute Vremi bamboo spoons had a chance to debut and prove themselves. ; ) 

What do you think? Do you like the colors? 

I was gaga over the bamboo (safer to use wood on ceramic pots than metal) and the beautifully fun pop of color on the spoons via the rubber handles. 

The box has the coolest sayings hidden all over it.

Here is one of the Vremi spoons getting to work! Alongside my favorite Tramontina ceramic pot. Technically a dutch oven, I believe. 

Now for the wonderful food my in-laws treated us with tonight. 
So many yummy green veggies. Thank you 168 Market (Chinatown!) and thank you to my in-laws!

Doesn't everything look wonderfully made? 
Somehow the metal serving laddle returned to the Tramontina pot (eeeeks) instead of the bamboo spoons... but no complaints here with this lovely dinner in front of me. 

Not food related... but do you see the tops of the white chairs around the table? These are from CORT furniture in Las Vegas. It is a consignment store (meaning previously used furniture, usually from corporate offices or other business is sold at CORT). 

Congee, a rice porridge that was the base of this meal, whereas we added bits of the greens and egg dish as we went along chowing down. 

Hao-chi! Really yummy! And what a great way to test out the new bamboo spoons! 

With lots of love, 

Jules @ Lovely Las Vegas

All Photos by Jules


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